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Job #531 - Early stage Start-up - full stack software engineers - Java/Solr/Rails/C#
Web Developers Python, Django, PHP, LAMP, Ruby on Rails/RoR

Salary range:
$90 - $140

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hard-core recruiting/engineering questions. Onsite interview in either NY or Boston depending on candidate preference.

10 people right now.

Angel funding of 1.6M, about to receive VC funding. Have funding into 2016 before next round.

Need to hire two (2) Full stack Software Engineers/Web Developer front end Rails, back-end Perl, C#, Solr, Java like to hire people who have excellence in engineering someone who can go from language to language without issue. BIG equity

Our client is building a really amazing product that everyone loves so far.

They've been able to assemble a small but world-class development team. They have creative and agile engineers with a hacker ethos and are looking for the same.

Their programming challenges include:

rapid product iteration, efficiency, and scalability mean there's a huge range of projects to choose from.

Salaries from 80s (recent grad for 1 slot is fine, to 150k level for a hardcore principal) + BIG EQUITY

We'd like to find someone who had *deep* experience in at least one part of our stack:

* Ruby on Rails
* Java and .NET
* Python on desktop

But a good candidate should have at least shallow experience in at least one or two other parts of our stack.

We need someone who can take responsibility over large vertical slices of our system, from the database all the way up to user happiness.

Sound interesting ? Drop us a line to learn more - jobs@biviumgroup.com

startup, solr, java, python, rails, C#, scott dunlop, bivium group, boston software engineer job

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